Historic Feature 35,000 or less circulation 2021


Adirondack Life, “Gone But Not Forgotten” by Bret Yager

Excellent writing in this piece which makes a story ripped from the history books resonate with a timelessness that is both sad and meaningful.


Oklahoma Today, “Anarchy in the I.T.” by Brian Ted Jones

Little known history is brought to life in vibrant language in this feature.

Tie for Bronze


Saltscapes, “A Vital Community Connection” by Shelley Cameron-McCarron

A well written exploration of an important community resource and touchstone.


Wyoming Wildlife, “Opening the Borders for Justice” by Christina Schmidt

Well researched and eye-opening feature.

Award of Merit

Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors, “A Year in the Life of a Lighthouse” by Ronald Joseph

Beautiful anecdotes and insights into the singular experiences of lighthouse living.