Nature and Environment Feature 35,000 or more circulation 2021


Cottage Life, “The Scars We Bear” by Eva Holland

Step 1: Write a riveting lede that grabs the reader. Check. Step 2: Tell a heck of a story about survival against a “killer bear.” Check. Step 3: Once you have the reader, pivot to a second, even more rewarding story about the fate of the “killer bear” and man’s relationship to nature. Check.


Arizona Highways, “Ho, Ho, Ho … Green Giants” by Tyler Williams

Tie for Silver


New Mexico Magazine, “Bloom Town” by Christina Selby

Strong reporting, notable hook/reason to care, compelling characters, and palpable scenes fuel this piece. Well done.


Texas Highways, “This Land Is Your Land” by Clayton Maxwell

What an interesting trend. Great detail, great scenes.