General Feature 35K or less Circulation 2021


Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors, “The Strange Tale of Outer Baldonia” by Wendy Arundel

Okay, I really liked this one. Just a delight!


KANSAS! Magazine, “Explorers and Innovators” by Dave Kendall, Kim Gronniger, Melinda Briscoe, Michael Pearce, David Garfield, Patricia Ackerman, Beccy Tanner, Haines Eason, Nick Spacek, Christine Steinkuehler, Amber Fraley

This deserves recognition for the ambition, and the writing is solid. Great work.


Adirondack Life, “Homeward Bound” by Brian Castner

This is the kind of feature I like, a personal tale that branches out and brings in MORE personal tales.

Tie for Bronze


Oklahoma Today, “Spooky Oklahoma” by Megan Rossman

This is a compelling read, succinct and enjoyable and the first entry was scary.

Award of Merit

Delaware Beach Life, “Getting Lost” by Bill Newcott

Every issue should include a story like this one. Great balance of text and illustrations. Fun.