Wyoming Wildlife, “Living Space” by Amy Bulger

This works. This is a column. The writer understands her audience perfectly and injects a personal touch to each column.


Adirondack Life, “Short Carries” by Annie Stoltie

I appreciate that the writer is able to articulate what is powerful about home, and as a result, what makes a regional magazine an important endeavour.


Mountain Home, “Who is That?, Pay It Backward, Let Me Outa This Joint” by Maggie Barnes

This columnist has a real talent for dialogue. It brings her musings to life and makes each one feel like something a friend is writing.


Arizona Highways, “Editor’s Letter” by Robert Stieve

Award of Merit

Missouri Life, “The Back Story” by Greg Wood

This is a good concept for a column. The writing is good.


Additional Entries

Acadiana Profile, “Les Personnes” by Will Kalec

Downhome, “I Dare Say” by Janice Stuckless

Louisiana Life, “Along the Way” by Melanie Warner Spencer

Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors, “From the Publisher” by John K. Hanson Jr.

Missouri Life, “No Place Like Home” by Lorry Myers

Smoky Mountain Living, “Food Traditions “ by Fred Sauceman

Texas Highways, “Editor’s Note” by Emily Stone

Texas Highways, “Travel Matters” by Matt Joyce

The Bermudian, “Naturally Speaking” by Elizabeth Jones

The Bermudian, “That’s Life! A Letter from London” by Winifred Blackmore