Art and Culture Feature 2020


Texas Highways, “Welcome to the Taco Capital of Texas” by José Ralat

I like easily digestible (heh heh) food stories like this that focus on one place that has become a de-facto hub of something great.

Tie for Gold


Arizona Highways, “These Generations of Weaving” by Danielle Geller

Informative, moving, lovely story with some fabric woven in.


Acadiana Profile, “Best of Cracklins” by Cheré Coen

Literally everything you ever wanted to know about cracklings. And now we know. And are also very hungry.


Adirondack Life“Ben & Helen” by Zohar Gitlis

Sweet. A very touching story.

Award of Merit

The Bermudian, “A Walk on the Railway Trail” by Elizabeth Jones

Nice interweaving of histories while letting us tag along on this journey.