Art and Culture Feature


Missouri Life, “Up All Night” by Greg Bowers

Already plotting how to get to Kansas City, then to stay up late enough to experience this place. Terrific magazine story.


Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors, “When Art is a Family Affair” by Ann Dodds Costello

Neat story. The concept and execution were strong.


New Mexico Magazine, “Lowriders: Riding High” by Don J. Usner, Edie Dillman, and Dave Herndon

This story was great.

Award of Merit

Arizona Highways, “Write and Wrong” by Terry Greene Sterling

A fascinating story, and so perfect for the magazine.

Additional Entries

Acadiana Profile, “Les Artistes” by Will Kalec

Acadiana Profile, “Listen Up!” by Michael Patrick Welch, and Amanda Wicks

Adirondack Life, “Land of Make-Believe” by Brian Mann

Arizona Highways, “Master of the Arts” by Emry Kopta and Kelly Vaughn

Kansas!, “Just his (tin)type” by Amber Fraley

Louisiana Life, “Literary Legend” by Melanie Warner Spencer

Louisiana Life, “The Queen Passed On but the Queen Lives On” by David Joshua Jennings

Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors, “Inside the Frame” by Laurie Schreiber

Mississippi Magazine, “Make It Funky” by Boyce Upholt

Mississippi Magazine, “Rocking the Cradle” by Boyce Upholt

Missouri Life, “If You Build It…” by Greg Kinkeade

Texas Highways, “Simply Adobe” by Gene Fowler