2016 Single Photo


Arizona Highways, “Let There Be Light” by Ben Coan, October 2015

Amazing image! The composition and lighting effects are magical. The colours work well together to create a mystical atmosphere. Exceptional!


"Twenty Million and a Hyphen"

Adirondack Life, “One Square Mile of Hope” by Nancie Battaglia, March/April 2015

This is fantastic! I love the composition and colours. The skill to capture the image with such clarity is commendable.


Kansas!, “Hope Springs Eternal” by Doug Stremel, 2015

My favorite part is the sparks coming from under the horse’s foot.

Award of Merit

Texas Highways, “Scenic Route: Bluebonnets at Night, Turkey Bend” by Rob Greebon, April 2015

A beautiful, calming shot that captures the time of day perfectly. Love the colour palette.

Award of Merit

Acadiana Profile, “Seafood Hotspots: Hawk’s Boiled Crawfish” by Danley Romero, April/May 2015

Great composition and colours. As a fan of Crawfish this makes me want to get some fast!

Additional Entries

Acadiana Profile, “Best New Restaurants/Dark Roux” by Denny Culbery

Arizona Highways, “Fall Color” by Shane McDermott

Cottage Life, “A Whale of a Story” by Kamil Bialous

Missouri Life, “The Art of Memory” by Notley Hawkins

Mountain Home, “In the Shade of the Old Maple Tree” by Roger Kingsley

Saltscapes, “Making Pictures” by Freeman Patterson

Texas Highways, “Winter Whitescapes: Beakeley Hill and the Marathon Grasslands” by E. Dan Klepper