Special Focus 2022


Texas Highways, “The Cowboy Issue” by Sarah Hepola, Katie Gutierrez, W.K. Stratton, Mark Mahorsky, Ashley Burch, Chris Linnen, Brandon Jakobeit, Emily Stone, Michael Hoinski, Matt Joyce, Kimya Kavehkar, and Julia Jones

This is an extraordinarily well done issue with so many creative approaches to telling the story of the cowboy.
The variety and talent displayed is phenomenal.
Captures the fun and exhilaration of driving on the open road.


Arizona Highways, “Park Yourself” by Keith Whitney, Lisa Altomare, Jeff Kida, Robert Stieve, Kelly Vaughn, Noah Austin, and Ameema Ahmed

I loved the deep dive into Arizona’s national parks and couldn’t help myself day dreaming about booking a vacation. Striking photography.
Fantastic aspirational articles, full of plenty of service. Very thorough.


Acadiana Profile, “The Home Issue” by Sarah George and Melanie Spencer

Lovely, modern, airy design!
Good homes package with lots of supporting articles made this feel like well-rounded special issue.

Award of Merit

Down East, “70 Over 70” by Mike O’Leary, Mirek Jurek, Danielle Sykes, Benjamin Williamson, Brian Kevin, Will Grunewald, Adrienne Perron, Sarah Stebbins, and Jennifer Van Allen

A brilliant approach that shows off the extraordinary lives of Maine residents.

Award of Merit

Louisiana Life, “Conservation Issue” by Sarah George and Melanie Spencer

Wonderful airy design gives space for the photography to sing and bring in the reader into such an important topic.