Food Feature 2022


New Mexico Magazine, “How We’re Eating Now”
by Mark Oppenheimer, Gwyneth Doland, Maria Maneula, Andi Murphy, Johnny Vee, Douglas Merriam, and John McCauley

This feature felt rich and illuminating – I feel like it truly honors New Mexico’s rich and varied food culture while also being very timely.
There is so much information here, and yet it doesn’t feel dense – rather it’s a joy to read.


Acadiana Profile, “Best of Dining” by Lisa Leblanc-Berry, Joseph Vidrine, Sarah George, and Melanie Spencer

So much energy and excitement in this presentation; the reader can feel the enthusiasm for the subject. Beautiful type, great images. Well done!


Texas Highways, “The Best Thing I Ever Ate in Texas” by Matt Joyce, Eric W. Pohl, Samuel Kerr, Ashley Burch, and Matt Joyce

Love the concept and the timeliness of this story and the joyful presentation. The food photography is vibrant and appealing.