Special Focus 2020


Oklahoma Today, “The Oklahoma City Issue” by Steven Walker and Oklahoma Today staff

This is a powerfully well-made book, complete, with strong photography to boot.


Texas Highways, “Unplugged” by Mark Mahorsky, Ashley Burch, Chris Linnen, Emily Stone, Michael Hoinski, Matt Joyce, and Kimya Kavehkar

The striking cover of this issue grabbed my attention right away and I was further impressed with the cohesion of the entire issue.


Down East, “The Maine Food Issue” by Mark Fleming, Benjamin Williamson, Mirek Jurek, Mike O’Leary, Sam Sifton, Brian Kevin, Will Grunewald, Virginia M. Wright, and Jennifer Van Allen

It’s the 35 Mainiest Foods cover story that put this over the top. Amazing research and terrific writing.

Award of Merit

Arizona Highways, “Grand Canyon Centennial” by Keith Whitney, Barbara Denney, and Robert Stieve

Impressive! The emphasis on historical information and material is completely appropriate given the centenary.