Single Photo 2022


Arizona Highways, “Lightning + Saguaros” by Jack Dykinga

Amazingly beautiful and striking. A natural wonder to behold.


Texas Highways, “Painting the Town” by Dave Shafer

Love this. Very immersive and voyeuristic.


Bucks County Magazine, “Bucks County In White” by Randl Bye

This made me laugh when I first laid eyes on it.
Such a great snap at just the right moment.

Tie for Bronze


Oklahoma Today, “Land Before Time” by Kim Baker

Beautiful color and composition that captures a stillness so striking it’s almost as if the
viewer is holding their breath, waiting for the sun to give permission for the day to unfold.

Tie for Bronze


Cottage Life, “Skate Your Heart Out” by Paul Zizka

A perfect picture of the wild, deep connection between man and nature.