Single Photo 2019


Oklahoma Today, “Tallgrass Prairie Preserve” by David Joshua Jennings

Great context, and incredible capture of a very timely moment. Very well done and highly impactful.


New Mexico Magazine, “White Sands” by Jen Judge

Really nice photo with lovely soft light and nice composition. Jen Judge did a great job capturing and telling a story with this landscape.


Arizona Highways, “A River So Long” by John Blaustein

The photo shows that people are both insignificant but capable challengers of the rapids.

Award of Merit

Kansas!, “Winter 2018 Gallery” by Scott Bean

Amazing composition of a very difficult to shoot subject and great focus on the face of the bird.

Award of Merit

Wyoming Wildlife, “Staying vigil” by Sandy Sisti

This is a great shot. Nice capture of a great little moment. Nice composition with a soft, warm and engaging feel. Congrats Sandy Sisti on a really nice image.