Department 2021


Cottage Life, “Waterfront” by Cottage Life staff and contributors

Exactly what you want from a magazine Department section.
There is a structure that is easily replicable and comforting to the reader, yet there is enough flexibility to keep things fresh and surprise the reader.


New Mexico Magazine, “Destinations” by John McCauley, Steve Gleydura, and Kate Nelson

I _really_ like this department.
There’s something about the single large image that has a Texas-size impact.


Oklahoma Today, “The Market” by Lori Duckworth, Steven Walker, and Nathan Gunter

The singular focus and the stunning, creative visual storytelling (and design) make this a stunner.
What an imaginative and powerful way to showcase local businesses. Nice job.

Award of Merit

Texas Highways, “Open Road” by Michael Hoinski, Mark Mahorsky, Ashley Burch, and Chris Linnen

Admittedly I have a soft spot for essays and applaud publications that carve out space for them. And this one is a great example of how this type of storytelling can add much to the editorial mix, engage readers, and allow for voice and perspective informed by a sense of place that make memorable work.