Profiles 35,000 or less circulation 2019


Adirondack Life, “Double Exposure” by Jordan P. Hickey, Tim Hursley, and John David Pittman

12+ pages of awesome! A most worthy subject is given the attention, and attention to detail, he deserves.


Oklahoma Today, “Rocket Woman” by Graham Lee Brewer

A fascinating story that feels very relevant. Solid writing and good storytelling throughout.


Adirondack Life, “A Dairy Tale” by Shane Mitchell

This is a rollicking good read with a heartwarming vibe.


Wyoming Wildlife, “A tree of tales” by Christine Peterson

I love this piece! It’s creative and unexpected. A fresh take on what a profile is and can be.

Award of Merit

The Bermudian, “Right time. Right place. Right attitude.” by W. C. Stevenson

A great fit for the magazine. Readers would love it.