Käthe Lemon, President and Co-Owner, RedPoint Media (Avenue)

Name: Käthe Lemon
Magazine: Avenue
Position: President and Co-Owner
Favorite magazines: New York, Vanity Fair, Real Simple
What do you love most about magazines? I love that there’s a mix of different topics and approaches to story telling. I love the visual element and packaging.
Who or what inspires you? I find inspiration talking to all sorts of people about their passions — when I hear about other people doing things that excites them, even if its not something that interests me normally, I find inspiration.
What is the most valuable lesson you have learned in the industry? Dedication and perseverance is more valuable than talent.
What aspects of your job do you like best? I love the opportunity to follow my curiosity about this area pretty much anywhere it leads me.
If you could choose anyone as a mentor, who would you choose? Oprah.
What are some fun facts about you that not many people know? I grew up in a small town on Lake Huron (Kincardine), I went on student exchange to Japan for a year, I went to school for creative writing and thought I’d be a novelist — if your career expectation is Canadian novelist then working in magazines still seems like hedge-fund manager money in comparison.
Drink of choice (alcoholic or non): Sparkling rose
What’s the last book you read? The Cruellest Month by Louise Penney
What’s the first concert you ever attended? Not counting free concerts in the park, Sarah McLachlan at the auditorium at UWO (now Western University).
What did you want to be growing up? A marine biologist.
When not making amazing magazines, how do you like spending your time? Playing board games or having movie night with my husband and two kids, or swinging in my hammock after my gardening is finished.