Cover 35,000 or more circulation 2021


Cottage Life, “May 2020” by Bradley Reinhardt and Michelle Kelly

It’s busy, but I found myself engaged with this cover for a really long time. It sucked me in.
I had to look at each photo and read the small captions. It was like a story in itself.


Arizona Highways, “Native Peoples Stories of Hardship and Hope” by Keith Whitney, Jeff Kida, and Robert Stieve

The eye-catching image, with alignment of the stars towards the open door, allows readers to think about indigenous peoples as stewards of the land under the majesty of nature’s splendour but also shows the practicalities of daily living. It’s a good visual setup for the “hardship and hope” copy.


New Mexico Magazine, “The Chile Issue” by Steve Gleydura, Douglas Merriam, John McCauley, and Kate Nelson

Image is very eye-catching with its vibrant colors and natural lighting.

Award of Merit

Texas Highways, “Secret Rivers” by Kenny Braun, Mark Mahorsky, Ashley Burch, Chris Linnen, Emily Stone,
Michael Hoinski, Matt Joyce, Kimya Kavehkar, and Julia Jones

Cover shot shows an enticing locale which I’d surely want to learn more about—good appeal. It’s also brought to life by the inclusion of swimmers as well. Placement of the primary cover line over the very painterly clouds is creating a heavenly vibe to the secret places the reader will soon discover.