Reader Service 2023

The category Reader Service Article is for any explanatory article on a theme or subject, presenting practical information to the reader.


The Usual Suspects
Cottage Life
Jackie Davis

Well crafted and poignant. Happy to have joined the author on this unexpected road trip.
— IRMA Awards Jury



Small Town Mom and Pops
Texas Highways
Contributors: Michael Hoinski, Wes Ferguson, June Naylor, ire’na lara silva, W.K. Stratton, Sallie Lewis, Ali Khan, Clayton Maxwell, John Nova Lomax, E. Ryan Ellis



Cheap Eats
Acadiana Profile
Eric Cormier



The Roots of Rustic
Adirondack Life
Niki Kourofsky



Food Worth the Drive 2022
Oklahoma Today
Contributors: Nathan Gunter, Greg Elwell, Karlie Ybarra, Megan Rossman, Ben Luschen