Magazine Photographer of the Year 30,000 or more Circulation


Arizona Highways, David Muench for “7 Decades of David Muench” December 2015

These photographs speak volumes about the photographer’s deep understanding of these beautiful and scenic environments.


Texas Highways, “E. Dan Klepper” 2015

The photography expresses affection and relationship with subjects and landscape.


Saltscapes, Dave Brosha for “Seeing in Black and White” July/August 2015

These photos evoke a wonderful sense of mood and emotion.

Additional Entries

Adirondack Life, Erika Edgley 2015

Acadiana Profile, David Ehrenworth for “Best Summer Ever” “Easy Peasy Summer’s Breezy” “It’s a Hard Knock Life” 2015

Texas Highways, Will van Overbeek 2015