Editorial Package 2023

The category Editorial Package is a combined writing and design category, with entries being a content collection on a related theme in a single issue. Concept, quality of writing, photography and illustration, typography and design are all considered to evaluate the overall whole.


Years in the Making
Cottage Life
Contributors: Alysha Vandertogt, Taylor Kristan


It’s not easy to manage a package with this much variety, content and energy. It wants to go off the rails at every turn and it requires a firm hand to keep the pacing under control. The challenge is doubled in an anniversary issue where it’s so tempting to spend the whole time talking about yourself and forgetting the reader just might not care as much as you do about every detail of your magazine. Cottage Life answers both these challenges with balance.
— IRMA Awards Jury


Small Towns
Texas Highways
Contributors: Stacey Swann, Jennifer Stewart, Clayton Maxwell, Kathryn Jones, Anthony Head, Michael Hoinski, Wes Ferguson, June Naylor, ire’na lara silva, W.K. Stratton, Sallie Lewis, Ali Khan, John Nova Lomax, E. Ryan Ellis


Innovation in Focus
Contributors: Tsering Asha, Kendall Bistretzan, Ximena Gonzalez, Danyael Halprin, Michelle McIvor, Michaela Ream, Christina Frangou, Jared Sych, Gust of Wind Studio, Chantal Bennett, Steve Collins, Shelley Arnusch


Inspire a Kid
Wyoming Wildlife
Contributors: Wyoming Wildlife magazine staff, Patrick Owen