Department 2023

 The Department category recognizes a section other than a column that appears regularly in issues under the same heading. This award is for both the writing and design elements.


Cottage Life
Contributors: Jackie Davis, Taylor Kristan

This is a great section…..everything is here: diversity, surprise, fun, entertainment, a great variety of textures, a constant sense of excitement and delight. Perfectly done, with powerful, engaging images and polished typography, all packaged in a crisp, clean, reader-friendly, easy-to-access format.
— IRMA Awards Jury


Open Road
Texas Highways
Contributors: Kameron Dunn, Lauren Hough, Elizabeth Bruenig, Jason Stout, Hokyoung Kim, Jan Feindt, Mark Mahorsky, Christopher Linnen, Michael Hoinski, Julia Jones, Emily Stone


Louisiana Made
Louisiana Life
Contributors: Jeffrey Roedel, Danley Romero, Sarah George, Melanie Spencer


New Mexico Magazine
Contributors: Molly Boyle, Kate Nelson, Jen Judge, Tira Howard