Cover 35,000 or more


Cottage Life, “Going North” by Liam Mogan, Kim Zagar, and Michelle Kelly

Fun concept. Clear intent. Graphic. Unexpected.


Arizona Highways, “Explore Saguaro National Park” by Chris Gall, Barbara Glynn Denney, Keith Whitney, Jeff Kida, Robert A. Stieve, Kelly Vaughn, and Noah Austin

This cover is definitely a collector item. There’s so much texture and depth in this illustration that it just keeps pulling me in.


Louisiana Life, “Culinary Heritage” by Jyl Benson, Denny Culbert, Sarah George, and Melanie Warner Spencer

This cover image is stunning, with its rich, contrasting colours. Subtle and tasteful use of graphic swirls.

Award of Merit

Texas Highways, “Holiday” by Eric W. Pohl, Mark Mahorsky, Emily Stone

Wonderful styling in the photo which really comes alive with the perfectly placed typography surrounding the plate.