Cover 35,000 or less circulation 2022


Louisiana Life, “Gator Hunt”

by Kevin Rabalais, Sarah George, and Melanie Spencer

Shock factor + stunning photography = newsstand sales. I love this cover and would love to see local magazines in the UK be so brave.


The Bermudian, “Summer 2021”

by Linda Weinraub, Gabrielle Boyer, and Tina Stevenson

If the measure of a magazine’s cover is its ability to entice a reader to grab it, spend time with it, then this cover surely does great work in that regard. An inviting, gorgeous, wanna-be-there cover that uses photography well and provides cover blurbs that expand interest without mucking up the power of the photo.


Adirondack Life, “2021 Guide to the Great Outdoors”

by Aaron Meschon and Mark Mahorsky

So fun! The illustration and copy complement each other. Great use of colour and composition. A really fun special issue.

Award of Merit

Acadiana Profile, “Oysters”

by Sam Hanna, Sarah George and Melanie Spencer

Great image, love the overall cover, nice range of headlines all still discussing oysters. Fun type.