Art Direction of a Single Story 35,000 or more circulation


Louisiana Life, “Oh Shucks!” by Sarah George

Beautiful composition. Engaging photography.


Texas Highways, “Take 2” by Mark Mahorsky

This is wonderfully designed. There’s a nice subtle nod to the movies without it becoming cheesy.


Arizona Highways, “The Big Pictures: Red Rock Country” by Barbara Glynn Denney, Keith Whitney, and Jeff Kidar

When you have photos like these, the best thing to do is get the hell out of their way!

Additional Entries

Arizona Highways, “The Maverick” by Barbara Glynn Denney, Keith Whitney, Jeff Kida

Cottage Life, “We’re New Here” by Catherine Jheon, Roy MacGregor, Raina + Wilson, and Kim Zagar

Down Home, “150 Ways Newfoundland & Labrador Makes Canada Rich” by Vince Marsh

Down Home, “What’s Brewing in Port Rexton” by Vince Marsh

Texas Highways, “Hauntingly Jefferson” by Mark Mahorsky