Hits & Misses 2023 – Material Due April 28, 2023

Hits & Misses is back for IRMACON2023!

This perennial favorite session showcases the best and worst ideas of the last year.

Topics and examples can run the gamut – editorial, design, circulation, operations, HR…..it’s up to you!

Each member magazine in attendance:

    • Must submit at least one example of each (hit and miss)
    • Has a total of 4 minutes to present!

Please have your materials uploaded no later than Friday April 28, and plan to be present and ready to present your items during the general session on Saturday May 6 in Portland.

 What do I need to do?

  • Upload your items to Google Drive: If you don’t see a folder for your magazine, go ahead and create one!
  • Can be an image, document, or slide – whatever visuals will aide in your presentation to the group

Examples of a HIT:

  • Did you have an amazing direct mail success?
  • Did you break a new advertising category or create a new event?
  • Perhaps you made an amazing hire – tell us about the person.
  • Score big on social media?

Examples of a MISS:

  • Did you print the wrong number on a renewal effort?
  • Did you anger your readers in some way?
  • Maybe you got some negative press.
  • Ancillary product fail?

Questions? Contact Andrea Etzel, Kansas! Magazine