Cover 35 or less circulation 2020


Louisiana Life, “Good Hunting Cover” by Sarah George and Melanie Spencer

Love the overall drama and impact of this image; you know exactly what the issue theme is on first glance.”


Adirondack Life, “Winter Tails” by Lisa Godfrey, Mark Mahorsky, Annie Stoltie, Lisa Bramen, and Niki Kourofsky

This cover is so compelling – the man’s smile coupled with the adorable puppies really makes me want to open up this magazine.


Oklahoma Today, “The Food Issue” by Lori Duckworth, Steven Walker, Nathan Gunter, and Megan Rossman

I think that approach is such a smart, compelling way to pull a reader in.


Acadiana Profile, “Light Recipes” by Sarah George and Melanie Spencer

I love this cover. It would make me open the magazine first thing after bringing in the mail.