BENEFITS OF MEMBERSHIP / SPONSORSHIPInternational Regional Magazine Association


Every member and sponsor gets a seat at the table, a spot at the conference, and a voice in the organization. The primary goal of IRMA is the free-flow of information, unencumbered by competition.

Annual Conference

A place to meet and greet colleagues and make new contacts and customers

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Online Conversations

Every month IRMA members get together via conference call to talk about issues related to regional magazine publishing, events and ancillary products. For a sample of what the IRMA Connection has to offer our Members and Sponsors, take a listen to our session on Hot Printing Trends!

Directory of Membership and Sponsors

Connect quickly to staffers at member magazines who are doing the same job you’re doing. Discover how they are solving the same problems.

Closed Facebook Group

Post challenges and receive quick responses. . . either on the page or in personal messages.

  • Chilcutt Direct Marketing
  • SFG
  • Transcontinental Printing

Why you will love being part of IRMA

IRMA was born when a couple of circulation managers went fishing and shared ideas of how to excel in publishing a regional magazine. Today, that same spirit of excellence and sharing information continues.

  • Annual conferences where everyone gathers
  • A cadre of professionals to help you celebrate and troubleshoot
  • Receive everyone else's magazines for ideas and inspiration
  • Publishers ready to talk about what's working and what isn't
  • A non-competitive atmosphere that encourages free flowing conversation

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