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A regional magazine is the authentic and authoritative voice defining its region, both for residents and visitors. It’s not just a travel guide, not just a shopping or dining guide, not just regional news, but the most trustworthy, respected authority on the region’s best qualities and values, its history, culture, scenery, and people.

IRMA’s mission is to strengthen the regional magazine publishing industry by fostering the free flow of information and experience between a diverse group of non-competitive publishers. Through this limitless sharing of ideas and experience, IRMA helps the regional genre of magazines maintain relevance and viability in their respective markets.

Membership Benefits

The annual conference, featuring sessions with industry experts, round-table discussions and seminars on editorial and business topics, digital publishing, advertising, circulation, design, social media and more.

The IRMA magazine exchange, complimentary subscriptions to all member magazines and a great source of ideas.

Prestigious annual awards in more than 35 categories, awarded by a panel of professional writing and design judges.

The eSignature, IRMA’s e-newsletter, a forum for questions and answers among members.

Networking at the annual conference and year-round, with colleagues and friends at other magazines.

Tips and best practices: IRMA fosters a spirit of sharing among members in similar businesses but different markets. Our bylaws state that a primary purpose of the association is “to act as a channel of communication and to encourage the free flow of information among regional magazines.”

Got a publishing problem or a question? Post it to the IRMA group on Facebook or Slack. These closed groups are available to members and sponsors only.

The IRMA Connection is an informal, monthly conference call that promotes conversations among members. The IC is recorded and archived on IRMAnet for all members to learn new strategies to enrich your business. Past topics have included customer engagement, e-commerce strategies, subscriber growth, and more.

General Qualifications

Proposed members must:

  1. Deliver edited content about a specific city, state, or region, while supporting the purposes of the association; and
  2. Have published consecutively for two years as an annual or more frequent schedule under the same title.

Membership Levels

Active Member: A regional magazine as defined by the IRMA qualifications. Note: If an entity publishes more than one magazine, each publication will require a separate membership. On approval, additional regional titles qualify for a reduced membership fee and are eligible to enter the awards program.

Provisional Member: A prospective active member who is expected to meet membership requirement within a two-year period. Provisional members may attend the conference but may not enter the awards.

Honorary Member: Any individual whose aid in carrying out the purposes of the association, in the opinion of the Board of Directors, makes him or her deserving.

IRMA Online Meetings Throughout the Year!

“Return on investment is every publisher’s anthem. Our IRMA membership has been an investment in ideas, attitudes, and results that we have been able to profitably apply to our own operations. The value
to our senior staff from year-round interactivity with other IRMA members and their staffs is immeasurable, but tangible.”

no-pic Jim Gourlay
Co-publisher, Saltscapes

Become an IRMA member magazine today!

It is more important than ever to be a member of a publishing support organization such as IRMA. Our goal is to keep our members connected via zoom calls on various publishing topics, and celebrate together at our annual conference, May 5-8, 2023 in Portland, Oregon.

Our past virtual conferences were great successes. Over three half days we were able to provide quality programming to an all-time high audience with video conferencing. Topics included: Trends in Cover Design, Diversity and Inclusion, How to Build Your Digital Audience, and more.

Our members were very happy with the level of interaction and industry information provided with featured speakers, panel discussions, and casual conversation on the Gatherly platform. Our members left the conference with loads of new ideas and a new level of determination.

Whether we are holding an in-person conference or a virtual meetup, there is much value in an IRMA membership. Sign up today!


Testimonials for IRMACon2020 Virtual

“The hosts and speakers were all very personable, and kept things lighthearted, engaging and flowing well. And even though the event was virtual, it was easy to feel connected. I really appreciated the chats and follow up discussions.” Lisa Altomare, Arizona Highways

“I didn’t think I’d get much out of a virtual conference but was so impressed by how well it came off. Kudos to the team!” Lisa Lincoln, Adirondack Life

“Thought it went amazingly well, especially considering that it was a whole new experience. The organizers did a stellar job.” Terry Plowman, Delaware Beach Life

“I enjoyed the casual and friendly mood and felt very welcome as a newcomer.” Anna Johnson, Arizona Wildlife Views

“This was by far the best virtual conference I have attended during this crazy COVID time and I appreciate all of the hard work that went into it. Everyone was extremely supportive and welcoming and it made these very dark times much more positive and exciting.” Tyson Bird, Texas Highways

Become a Sponsor

Your IRMA sponsorship includes opportunities to connect with our members year-round and to participate in our annual conference. The conference features formal sessions with industry experts, round-table discussions and seminars on editorial and business topics, digital publishing, advertising, design, circulation, and more, plus networking and fellowship with fellow members.

IRMA sponsorship is not about sitting at a table or booth hoping that the membership comes by to speak to you. It’s about total integration with the membership—being in the seminars, at the meals, on the field trips and, most importantly, in the hospitality suite. It is about being treated not as a vendor but as a partner. It is about being able to call a publisher, an editor, or any member in the organization and saying that you are an IRMA sponsor and getting right in the door.

By participating in the IRMA Conference, and accessing our membership year-round, you will help to create an environment where professionals and publishers can discuss present and new opportunities. Work with us to improve this industry. Your vision is needed to move this industry forward. Let’s plan for an exciting future together.

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